Places to visit in Munster Germany

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Published: 29th April 2010
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The Oerscher Hof, number 42, was built around 1748 for the barons van Beverfoerde, and is the only one that survived the war without damage. In it today is Munster's most prized eatery, the Michelinstarred and GaultMillaurated Kleines Restaurant im Oerschen Hof, a very expensive spot serving nouvelle German and French cuisine; open evenings only, closed Sundays and Mondays, reservations essential; Tel: (251) 42061. At Konigstrasse 39 is the 17thcentury Sendenscher Hof, erstwhile home of the barons Droste zu Senden, and now used as a bank.

Directly across the street is the Pfarrkirche St. Ludgeri (Parish Church of St. Liudger), a threenaved Romanesque structure consecrated in 1200, with a few additions and embellishments from the 14th century. Among its an treasures are two paintings by Nikolaus tom Ring, a 16thcentury Westphalian master, and an elaborately carved early16thcentury baptismal font. There is also a chapel honoring Edith Stein, the Jewish woman who converted to Catholicism in 1922, became a Carmelite nun while doing postdoctoral research in Munster in 1932, and died in the gas chambers at Auschwitz in 1942.

Bohlweg) existed in the 1640s, Chigi would not even have noticed the Munster rain. In what used to be a corner tavern, proprietor Carmelo Caputo and his German chef Markus Potrafka prepare refined nouvelle Italian cuisine exquisitely. Open for lunch Wednesday through Friday, dinner Tuesday through Saturday. You must reserve; Tel: (251) 34218. Outside the Altstadt Just west of the Promenade and ring boulevard that delineate the inner city's former wall is the ornate 18thcentury Residenzschloss (Palace Residence) of the princebishops .. Used nowadays as the main building of Munster University, it is interesting only for its exterior and the beautiful gardens around it.

In the other direction you will find a hotel well worth considering as well as a restaurant of which Count Chigi certainly would have approved. The Hotel Windsor, Warendorfer Strasse 177, about }l/z km (1 mile) from the city center, is a turnofthecentury halftimbered house with 30 very comfonable rooms, nearly all filled with the antiques that the proprietor collects as a hobby. Had the Villa Medici, Ostmarkstrasse 15 (you drive or bicycle out by way of Excursions to the Wasserschlosser In the Middle Ages the Wasserschlosser and Wasserburgen, the moated chateaux, were a source of protection for the gentry and nobility living on the flat terrain of the Munsterland.

The introduction of long range anillery rendered these island fonresses obsolete, and the oncemighty strongholds simply became elaborate rural estates of the aristocracy. There were at one time more than 3,000 of them within a 50mile radius of Munster. Only about 100 habitable ones remain 40 of those still owned and used by the blue blood families whose ancestors built them.

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