Food poisoning Q & As Morocco

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Published: 04th April 2011
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Cases of food poisoning in Morocco have increased over the past few years and hundreds of holidaymakers are making claims against tour operators when they return to the UK.

Food poisoning can affect all age groups but can cause serious illness in young children, older people, people with weakened immune systems and pregnant women. Food poisoning abroad can leave holidaymakers out of pocket and facing weeks or even months of illness.

Food poisoning questions and answers about holiday illness in Morocco include:

1. How long does food poisoning last?

Food poisoning normally lasts just 3-4 days but, if sufferers become dehydrated, illness can become serious and can last for weeks or months after eating contaminated food

2. What causes Salmonella food poisoning in Morocco?

Salmonella food poisoning is commonly caused by improper storage, handling and preparation of food and, if buffet style food is left open to the elements, or reheated day after day, it can quickly become contaminated.

3. How can I claim for food poisoning in Morocco?
Providing your illness was caused by poor standards of hygiene and food, you should contact a no win, no fee personal injury solicitor in the UK who will be able to help you bring a claim against the tour operator and also explain your rights relating to travel law.

4. How much can I claim after holiday illness in Morocco?
It depends on the severity of your illness but, if food poisoning or any other type of holiday illness has ruined your trip or you have had to pay for expensive medical treatment, you should be able to claim a significant amount of compensation provided the tour operator was to blame for your illness.

5. What are the symptoms of food related illness?
Common symptoms include sickness, diarrhoea, fever and stomach cramps.

6. Do I need to seek medical help in the UK?
Yes, you should always get checked out by your doctor when you return to the UK as you may still be carrying the disease even if your symptoms appear to have cleared up.

7. Why is food poisoning so common in Morocco?
Food poisoning is most common in holiday hotels in Morocco as poor standards of hygiene are present. This results in food contamination which is passed on to the holidaymakers at all inclusive hotel buffets.

8. Who do I make a claim with for food poisoning in Morocco?
You should contact a personal injury solicitor in the UK who has experience of dealing with holiday illness compensation claims.

9. How soon will I receive my compensation for holiday illness?
It largely depends how quickly the tour operator responds to correspondence from your solicitor and whether or not they admit liability but your legal representative should keep you informed of all developments throughout the claim process.

10. How much will it cost if my claim is not successful?
It wont cost you a penny if you use a regulated no win, no fee personal injury solicitor win or lose.

If you become ill abroad after eating contaminated food in a holiday package tour hotel, seek legal advice as soon as you return to the UK and claim the compensation you deserve with a minimum of fuss. You should never be exposed to food poisoning abroad and, if your holiday has been ruined because of illness, you should seek legal advice, guidance and support when you return home.

Adrian vultur writes for Morocco holiday illness claims

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