Compensation claim for food poisoning in Cuba

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Published: 23rd March 2011
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Did you know you can make a compensation claim in the UK for food poisoning in Cuba providing the illness was caused by the negligence of the tour operator?

Hundreds of cases of food poisoning and holiday illness have been reported by holidaymakers returning from Cuba in the past two years and personal injury solicitors are currently representing the vast majority of claimants. Tour operators should not, by law, expose holidaymakers to any type of illness in Cuba and poor standards of health and hygiene at all inclusive holiday hotels is often said to cause symptoms of diarrhoea and sickness.

Some all inclusive package tour hotels in Cuba have even seen repeat outbreaks of illness but are still promoted by the tour operators. Package tour hotels must be inspected regularly to ensure they adhere to strict health and hygiene procedures and, if poor standards of hygiene put the lives of holidaymakers at risk, then the tour operators should be accountable.

Cross contamination causes many illness outbreaks in Cuba and food handlers should always be careful not to prepare different foods on the same chopping boards without washing them in between to always wash kitchen knives and utensils with hot, soapy water between use with different foods and never to store raw meat above ready to eat foods in the fridge. Salmonella bacteria can also contaminate food before it is cooked and it is vital that all foods are cooked to the correct temperatures to kill off the harmful bacteria. Chicken, for example, should be cooked to 170║F, and mince products, including burgers to 165║F.

Foods which contain raw egg product should be avoided at all costs and bottled water should always have the seal intact. It is not uncommon for waiters to fill up mineral water bottles with tap water which can cause serious gastric illness. Eggs should never be served runny and hot food should never be served lukewarm. Food must not be reheated for more than one day and served and all foods must be covered and maintained at safe temperatures before being served.

Frozen food should be defrosted in a refrigerator and never thawed under a tap or submerged in water. Trust your instincts where food is concerned and, if you think food is ┤past its sell by date┤ or if it smells ┤strong┤ refuse to eat it and make a complaint to the holiday travel representative. Cuba is gaining a reputation for poor hygiene in all inclusive package tour hotels, and tour operators should never expose holidaymakers to food poisoning and other illnesses. Food poisoning is no joke and it can even be fatal if it goes untreated.

Most cases of holiday food poisoning pass within a few days but, if you are suffering symptoms of diarrhoea, sickness and stomach cramps, seek medical advice immediately to ensure you don┤t become dehydrated. Get checked out by your GP when you return home and then contact a personal injury solicitor to see whether you can claim compensation for holiday illness in Cuba. If you choose a no win, no fee holiday illness specialist to represent you, it won┤t cost you a penny to make a claim and you should also receive 100% of the compensation. Don┤t suffer in silence! If your holiday has been ruined by food poisoning or any other type of holiday illness which was caused by someone else in Cuba, you deserve to be compensated.

Adrian vultur writes for Cuba holiday illness claims

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